SEF Strategy Assessments & Implementation for Swap Dealers

Monticello Consulting conducted a preliminary SEF strategy and impact assessments for a major bank’s credit, rates, foreign exchange, commodities, and equities trading operations.

  • Monticello Consulting assembled initial use cases in line with legal opinions on proposed SEF operation and showcased pre-SEFs vendors (Bloomberg, TradeWeb, and MarketAxess) and technology solutions to front office decision makers.

  • This effort assisted our client in formulating a strategy for adapting existing trading platforms to comply with the new SEF rules for executing swap trades on these new centralized order books. 

  • In 2013, Monticello Consulting continues to be engaged with a major dealer of swaps to prepare our client for the transition from in-house reporting of swaps to applicable SEF platforms to comply with the ‘Made Available to Trade’ (MAT) rule.