A Big Thank You to Our Summer Interns!

Monticello had a great team of Management Consulting Summer Analysts this year! We thank you all for serving as exceptional brand ambassadors. You delivered value for our clients during your field assignments and quality results on your internal capstone projects. It has been a pleasure working with all of you and we will stay in touch as you complete your undergraduate studies and begin your careers. Learn more about our Summer Analysts’ experiences at Monticello below in their shared reviews of the program!  



Over the course of this summer internship, I was able to develop both personally and professionally. I had the unique opportunity to learn under experienced project managers and senior consultants who helped me refine my technical and communication skills. On the client site, my manager helped me explore my interests and provided me with hands-on process improvement and automation projects that had a real impact on their overall operations. This summer has truly been an amazing experience and I am excited to apply my new knowledge to the rest of my professional career.



Throughout the summer, I had the opportunity to work at the client site under a senior consultant who allowed me to personalize the internship to my interests while also introducing me to the financial services industry. Through him, I immersed myself in a consultant’s world where I was able to provide value through an automation project and large-scale counterparty remediation. Internally, I enjoyed the weekly workshops where I learned how to create effective presentations and was introduced to emerging industries such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Overall, Monticello provided me with more personal and professional development than I could have asked for.



This summer, I worked alongside an excellent project manager from Monticello’s testing governance practice. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to refine my communication and technical skills by coordinating with client-side executives to update workstream delivery tools and project updates. Outside of the client site, Monticello provided insightful workshops surrounding design thinking, agile, RPA, and how to leverage them in business processes. Overall, Monticello’s resources were essential in promoting my career advancement.



My internship experience at Monticello was a truly rewarding one. I enjoyed being in a collaborative environment with a diverse group of highly accomplished consultants. Working directly under a project manager, on a large-scale technology implementation project for a global bank, allowed me to further advance my technical and interpersonal skills. Alongside working at the client site, I had the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to internal projects and participate in weekly education workshops that gave me exposure to a variety of interesting topics and methodologies. All in all, this experience helped greatly in my professional growth.