Regulatory Reporting Testing Governance

Improving Quality Assurance to meet stringent regulatory requirements & timelines - Structured Testing

  • Coordinate registered swap dealer testing across all products for Part 43/45 of Dodd-Frank Title VII
  • Ensure front office systems and new regulatory reporting platforms fulfill reporting requirements
  • Validate use-cases & test scenarios covering US, JFSA, and ESMA regulatory regimes



  • Effective communication with stakeholders (steering committees, change managers, developers, testers, industry vendors)
  • Hands-on and results-driven approach in conjunction with reporting metrics to produce high quality testing
  • Seamless integration with client teams for cohesive execution



  • Our client completed UAT and Regression testing for CFTC and JFSA reporting on time
  • Client testimonial: “The Monticello team was extremely focused on the timely delivery of the program in the face of aggressive regulatory deadlines, and their managers demonstrated a commitment to quality throughout.”
  • Testing metrics illustrated daily and weekly progress along with open and resolved defects