Building Your Framework

Monticello's Agile/Scrum experts advise our clients on the feasibility and potential benefit of implementing Agile in their organizations. Monticello is prepared to equip your organization with the plan, tools, and expertise to reap the full benefit of the Agile methodology. We evaluate organizational qualities such as location, infrastructure, and culture to provide a tailored solution. If Agile is right for your organization, we will employ our proven "evolution not revolution" approach to achieve rapid and sustainable results to maximize the impact of your initiatives. We don't stop at implementation; Monticello also offers a suite of in-person training courses to ensure our clients can continue utilizing the Agile framework after our implementation work is complete.


Monticello Agile Project Delivery

Approach & Expertise

Monticello knows that beginning a transition to Agile, especially in large organizations, can be difficult. Our experienced Agile coaches and certified scrum master (CSM) teams are prepared to support clients in their move to Agile through all stages of the project lifecycle. We start with a feasibility study and impact analysis to determine if Agile makes sense for an organization. From there, we will create an implementation plan to minimize production impact and maximize value-add to best align with our client’s priorities. Finally, we will follow through on our implementation plan, building a comprehensive release roadmap and product backlog to make sure our client is positioned for success.

Differentiators & Delivery

Monticello consultants can support your organization in creating a customized tool-set aimed at increasing responsiveness to customer requirements and decreasing time-to-market for a working product. Our team will guide an organization at every step of an implementation. This means our consultants will help you in selecting and negotiating with vendors that best match your organization's Agile needs. Once vendors are selected, our team is prepared to help with installation, support, upgrades, and maintenance. Monticello even offers in-person training courses to ensure that all associates are prepared to both operate in an Agile environment and use all available tools. From start to finish, Monticello's work is not complete until an organization is set up to succeed in a sustainable way.

Our Experts


Case Studies

Monticello's Agile Training Services

Monticello Consulting can help transition your teams, processes, and tools to harness the values and benefits of the Agile Manifesto. Our team of Certified Scrum Masters and Agile coaches, with experience in the Financial Services Industry, take a pragmatic approach to create a framework and a transition strategy to meet your organization's needs and concerns. We believe this approach is in the spirit of Agile and helps to reduce risk, maximize benefits, and secure a high ROI for Agile implementation.

Monticello Agile Methodology values:                    

  • Pragmatic Agile Development - Striking the right balance for your organization

  • Teamwork – Interactive and collaborative engagement

  • Speed-to-Market – Iterative and incremental development

  • Scalable Framework – Optimal management of time, cost, quality, and scope

  • Performance Metric – Proof of value and benefits

Key Differentiators:                  

  • Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) and Agile coaches with practical experience and skills

  • Experience implementing Agile Scrum for global software development organizations

  • Experience implementing corporate Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools to support Agile methodology

  • Experience implementing continuous improvements initiatives from Lean Six Sigma Black Belts

Monticello Consulting Services:

  • Custom on-site training and transition planning from Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) and Agile coaches

  • Design, setup, and ongoing management of a Program Management Office (PMO) aligned to your business goals and Agile methodology

  • Agile tool development and / or implementation of packaged Agile software solutions (Rally, Collabnet, SupportForce, Subversion, Hudson IT, Quality Center, OMS SafeHarbor, Clarity, IBM Cognos)

  • Custom data migrations from legacy systems