Being an Industry Leader Requires Thoughtful & Informed Decision Making

In the crowded marketplace for advisory services, Monticello Consulting separates itself from the pack as a trusted advisor—helping our elite clients with cutting-edge, fact-based decision-making and industry-leading solutions to solve the most pressing challenges re-shaping the financial services industry.

How We Advise & Support Industry Leaders

Monticello Consulting Group provides advisory services to some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions.  Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and expertise to guide executive management through the ever-changing landscape of the financial services industry.  We help our clients tackle complex programs spanning regulatory change and compliance, risk and controls, process improvement, and post-merger integration.

Regulatory Change and Compliance

Monticello Consulting provides expert advice on the impact and requirements of regulatory change and reform.  Our consultants have experience implementing all stages of the regulatory reform lifecycle and have supported the regulatory change and compliance needs of the large banks and other financial services companies.  MCG works closely with compliance officers—as well as relevant business and technology stakeholders—to assess the potential impact of regulatory reform and manage the change control process.

Process Improvement

Monticello consultants leverage their deep industry expertise to help our clients design and implement efficient business processes. Our consultants use technology solutions and our proven methodology to streamline processes, identify gaps in policies and procedures, and minimize operational risk through standardization and automation.  Our services also include management information system implementation, audit services, cost control, vendor analysis, and documentation and workflow management.

Financial Risk & Controls

In order to obtain positive operating leverage, large financial institutions are investing heavily to sunset legacy systems—replacing them with modern scalable platforms.  Concurrently, large banks are automating manual processes with solutions that will drive down variable costs and support new business volumes.  In this challenging operating environment—coupled with increased regulatory scrutiny following the 2008 Financial Crisis—there is a greater need for comprehensive risk monitoring and control.  At Monticello Consulting, we promote effective governance through the design of robust internal controls, as well as integrated reporting and monitoring.  We work with our clients to implement strong internal control frameworks, mitigate business risks, and strengthen financial and non-financial reporting capabilities.  Our clients are facing an increasingly complex and demanding operating and regulatory environment that has only increased the need for transparency and accountability within their organizations. Monticello Consulting has the expertise to assist with the implementation of enterprise risk management solutions that can provide large financial organizations with a robust and scalable solution to support their front-to-back control environment.

Post-merger Integration

Organizations face a number of challenges following mergers and acquisitions.  The ability to execute business processes efficiently after the close of the merger is crucial.  Disparate systems and overlapping operational functions are just a few of the obstacles Monticello Consulting has helped our clients overcome.   Our consultants are experienced in process redesign and technology integration, and have assisted our clients with designing target operating models, merging siloed business units, and eliminating process inefficiencies.

Our Experts