Monticello Consulting recognizes that entrepreneurship and new ventures are the driving force of economic growth and innovation and create more new jobs than any other sector of the economy.

MCG has assisted new ventures in recent years with:

Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Idea generation
  • Business plan creation
  • Legal entity selection and formation
  • Funding including bootstrap financing
  • Managing for growth and creating the self-sustaining firm
  • Marketing including new market development
  • Tax planning

New ventures we have been working with include:

  • Web 2.0 / social networking companies
  • Solar energy & green service businesses
  • Mining & energy development ventures
  • Health & fitness providers
  • Online retail businesses

Monticello Consulting recognizes that startup companies require skills and services that can be quite different than our corporate clients.  Our goal is to provide new ventures with the tools they need to get their operations off the ground, and, as one entrepreneur so eloquently stated, to achieve “the escape velocity to go into stable orbit after launch.”

MCG is available to help your venture advance on achieving its dreams, and we are committed to being flexible in how we can work together with your startup.  Give us a call today to discuss where we can help.