Build Your Career

Find your path, start your journey

At Monticello Consulting, we strive to understand your career aspirations and ensure you have the tools to succeed. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your consulting and leadership skills to reach your highest potential. Our engagements will provide you with fascinating opportunities while challenging you to cultivate your skills. You will build relationships and find yourself working with some of the brightest minds within the financial services industry.  

Develop Your Talent and Expertise

Broaden your impact and accelerate your career growth

Choosing a career with Monticello offers you the opportunity to apply your recognized expertise in order to provide immediate bottom-line impact to our clients while working in an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment. At Monticello Consulting, we believe the firm itself plays a pivotal role in the development of a consultant's career by not only providing the training to build a world-class consulting toolkit, but also by carefully selecting the types of engagements that will continually challenge you to build world-class leadership and technical skills. 


On-Boarding Program

When you join Monticello, you will participate in our on-boarding program. Through this program, you will gain an overview of MCG Policies & Procedures, Quality & Delivery Standards, and our Talent Development Program. Our goal is to ensure that you are prepared and have the support you need to be successful from day one.


Mentor Program

At orientation, you are assigned a mentor who will introduce you to our standards, best practices, tools and resources. They will collaborate on your development plan in order to bring alignment with your career goals. Our mentoring program promotes internal networking, employee development, peer learning, and  faster assimilation of new hires. 


One-on-one coaching

Throughout your career, you will receive one-on-one coaching, continued training, feedback, and support to cultivate the skills necessary to advance your career.


MCG University

“MCG U” is an internal Monticello program that promotes continuous learning.  With a focus on education, experience, and exposure, Monticello consultants are constantly supported in the development and advancement of their "consulting tool-kit" and financial industry knowledge.  Learning opportunities and investments include internally developed trainings, top university courses, on-line, along with seminars andindustry events. 

Appraisal Process

At Monticello, you will define a tailored professional development plan at the beginning of each year to set individual goals and grow as a professional. You will receive quarterly feedback and a final appraisal at year end acknowledging the growth that you have achieved and how you can continue this professional advancement moving forward.