Harnessing the Power of the Orgnization's Data

Driving tangible business outcomes through intelligent capture, analysis, and reporting of your organization's most crucial data assets.

How We Work

Through our highly trained and dedicated team of technical project managers, analysts, and data scientists, Monticello Consulting provides advanced analytics and digital services that include advisory, strategy implementation, software development, project management, testing, and training.  All of our consultants on the engagement team strive to deliver unparalleled value for our clients' initiatives.  This high-touch approach allows us to roll-up our sleeves and engage in the detailed work to deliver on your vision of success. 

Data Visualization & Reporting

The digital universe is growing so quickly that more data will soon be created each year than in all of the years since the dawn of the Information Age.  The acceleration of data growth in today’s corporations is equally staggering.  How the modern knowledge worker interacts, interprets, and reports on the massive amounts of data in his or her digital ecosystem requires a thoughtful selection of software tools and new training methods to stay ahead of the curve.  At Monticello Consulting, our consultants leverage best-in-class analytics software such as Tableau and Microsoft SQL Server—along with custom-developed solutions—to provide our clients with the business intelligence they need to spot trends, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions to keep their businesses on top.

Our Experts

Financial Reconciliation & Controls

Our Experts

Monticello Consulting is bringing some of the most progressive thinking to bear on implementing vital control frameworks at some of the largest banking institutions in the world.  Our consultants have a deep understanding of the financial controls required at the top financial institutions and demanded by the regulatory bodies. The combination of this expertise and our technological capabilities for implementing automated control processes has led to tangible business results—such as enhanced scalability to support business growth, reduced error rates and operational losses, and the closure of critical internal and external audit points.

System Migrations

The concept of continuous renewal is vital to staying ahead of the curve in banking technology.  This rule applies without limit to the technology platforms that underpin businesses such as retail banking, card services, lending, and sales and trading.  Competition from entrenched players and fintech startups have forced large banks to remain on a constant march to upgrade their systems.  Increasingly, banks are looking to nudge out the competition by investing in strategic projects aimed at sunsetting and replacing their legacy systems with the next innovative platform that will give them the edge to gain market share. 

At Monticello Consulting, we have managed some of the most transformational technology programs on Wall Street with services that include data management, testing governance, and program office implementation for large-scale system migrations.

Accounting & Digital Forensics

Monticello Consulting’s deep expertise in financial accounting—along with our understanding and appreciation of the complexities of client, product, and transactional data in the banking industry—allows us to work with our clients to efficiently analyze accounting and data quality issues in their systems.  Our consultants include certified accountants and data analysts with the knowledge and experience to deep-dive into the issues and identify key problem drivers in order to synthesize solutions to your firm’s challenges.  We are experts at working both independently and as part of client teams on these critical engagements.

UI/UX Design

The robotic process automation (RPA) pundits are predicting an end to the human involvement in the business workflows of the modern corporation.  At Monticello Consulting we have a different view on RPA and, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “the death of the knowledge worker has been greatly exaggerated!”  The truth is, the digitization of once manual workflows has greatly expanded the user community in need of applications and tools with intelligent UI/UX designs that can access, analyze, and process vast quantities of information.  Monticello Consulting is collaborating with its clients on transformational UI/UX design work for next-generation business applications.  Our UI/UX design consultants can help power the usability and efficiency of your tools in order to amplify the effectiveness of your workforce.