Monticello Consulting Group is comprised of great corporate citizens and active members of our local community, all of whom understand the importance of also supporting broader issues.  We organize and encourage active philanthropy and direct volunteer involvement with local community groups.


MCG supports a number of philanthropic efforts to improve quality of life in society including education, disaster relief, and economic well-being. 

Local Community Involvement

MCG and its employees are actively involved with local community organizations including High Water Women, The Children’s Village, 100 Women in Finance, and the Good+ Foundation.


Diversity & Affiliations

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we recognize and appreciate the importance of operating in a way that promotes beneficial outcomes. Monticello Consulting Group continuously strives to be a firm where people from all different backgrounds and experiences do great work. Diversity is, and always will be, core to our business.

Internship Opportunities

Diverse Staff

By partnering with NAF, Monticello offers high school students unique opportunities to develop practical skills for the professional world.

Studies show that diverse organizations perform better. Monticello continually seeks top  talent from all backgrounds to foster innovation and improve decision making.

Recent Community Involvement & Philanthropy Events