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Consultant Questionnaire
Consultant Questionnaire
For each of the following statements about our consultant, please indicate whether you: Strongly Disagree; Disagree; Neutral; Agree; Strongly Agree. Please provide any additional feedback in the form below each statement.
Communication Quality: Monticello Consultant communicates all aspects of the engagement clearly and concisely, and is easy accessible.
On Time Performance: Monticello Consultant is consistently on time for work and meetings.
Integrity: Monticello Consultant acts with integrity in all areas of their engagement.
Project Deliverables: Monticello Consultant anticipates our needs, is proactive on his or her assignment, and can provide fast turnaround when requested.
Project Quality: Monticello Consultant is thorough in their approach to work, allowing them to help with problem areas, propose unique solutions, and communicate engagement updates/changes.
Stakeholder Engagement: Monticello Consultant keeps us informed on issues affecting our business and notifies us promptly of changes in scope by seeking our approval.
Subject Matter Expertise: Monticello Consultant makes it their priority to understand our company and industry overall, and shows an interest in us beyond the specifics of their tasks.

Thank you taking the time to answer our Engagement Feedback survey, we truly value your response and plan to utilize this feedback to better service you and your firm moving forward.