Global sourcing options for corporations have never been more attractive as a value driver for bottom line results.  Typically sourcing arrangements can include:

  • Offshoring non-core functions to achieve significant cost savings
  • Nearshoring operations to achieve moderate cost saving but with added benefits of increased control, quality &  service level, and time zone and native language congruence
  • We have seen both off- and near- shoring to both captive and non-captive vendors and work with our clients to identify the pros and cons of each approach.

In Monticello Consulting’s experience, to consider only targeted cost savings belies the risks inherit in undertaking a complex outsourcing initiative.  In the past five to ten years, the market has seen some large-scale outsourcing initiatives fail, with many companies bringing functions back on shore.

For corporations to successfully move functions to new locales and to achieve targeted savings, a comprehensive approach is required along with engagement of committed partners to ensure success.  We believe our high-touch delivery model makes Monticello Consulting Group that partner for your sourcing initiative.  Contact us today to discuss where we can help with your sourcing strategy.