Value Creation

By focusing on the client’s goals and how the client defines value creation during the contracting stage, Monticello Consulting will plan and execute the engagement in a manner that is driven by those objectives.  MCG has a long track record of client satisfaction and value creation in our engagements. 

Superior Execution

Execution is the hallmark of Monticello Consulting and is backed by an uncompromising work ethic.  All of our consultants on the engagement team strive to deliver unparalleled value for our clients’ initiatives.  This high-touch approach allows us to roll up our sleeves and engage in the detailed analysis and delivery of our client’s vision.

Uncompromising Integrity

All consultants at Monticello Consulting Group commit themselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree to:

  • Serve in the best interest of the client and in accordance with the laws in the nations in which they operate
  • Keep client and firm information confidential at all times
  • Accept responsibility in making decisions
  • Avoid conflicts of interests and disclose them when they exist
  • Work with the client at the time of engagement contracting, to agree on a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, and work plan
MCG has shown me the benefits of working for a consulting firm in the financial services industry. We have a great team with an abundance of diverse talents, a large known clientele, and stability between personal and work life.
— Mr. T
An undiscovered gem. Monticello provides the best low maintenance, high delivery ratio on the Street.
— Director, Global Investment Bank

Business & Technical Analysis

We ask the right questions to fully understand, analyze, and solve business and technical problems.

Program & Project Management

We project manage complex organizational, business process, and technology transitions to achieve the desired end state so that our clients can realize the greatest long-term value from their business improvement efforts. 

Testing Governance

Testing Governance

We have developed and refined a framework to ensure that quality is integral to the program from the outset.

Agile Implementation

We can help transition your teams, processes, and tools to harness the values and benefits of the Agile Development Methodology.

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