Client Testimonials:

Client #1

“With their solid reputation for implementing robust testing governance and their business acumen in Dodd-Frank regulations, we brought in Monticello Consulting to help with our real time reporting of OTC derivatives.  The Monticello team was extremely focused on the timely delivery of the program in the face of aggressive regulatory deadlines, and their managers demonstrated a commitment to quality throughout.  We were impressed with their understanding of the real-time reporting requirements, and coupled with their hands-on approach, we intend to leverage Monticello again as we work to implement additional Title VII provisions.”  –Managing Director, global banking client

Client #2

"Monticello was hired to spearhead consolidating the Bank's Equity Derivative franchise onto one front-to back platform, encompassing dozens of departments and hundreds of stakeholders across many areas of the Bank.

The Monticello team created an implementation plan and then systematically administered that plan from a high level with executive management to a detailed level on a trade by trade basis - and with hard work and patience successfully executed on the target date.

Monticello is characterized by a 'will execute', hard-nosed approach to accomplishing significant challenges.

I would personally recommend Monticello consulting services for any project in light of my experiences."

Client #3

"An undiscovered gem.  Monticello provides the best low maintenance, high delivery ratio on the Street."

Client #4

"The Monticello team has been an outstanding asset to the Regulatory Reporting workstream." – VP of Treasury Group, in UK

Agile Trainee #1

“I appreciate the Monticello approach to Agile, and that they tailor their training to the client’s needs. They use their ‘in the trenches’ experience to bring a more practical approach to Agile training, and understand their audience to bring a flexible and functional approach to what Agile is all about.”

Agile Trainee #2

“I personally had no former experience or training with Agile, so for me this was a great introduction. At the same time, It seemed that those more versed were able to listen and contribute to the conversation, which helped them to better hone their understanding of Agile. The philosophical differences from conventional project management styles were concisely compared, and I believe the value proposition measurements drove home the advantages of Agile that were being presented.”

 Client Testimonials

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